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Pre-tupping preparation of both rams and ewes is key to ensuring a healthy lamb crop is conceived at tupping time, and profitability is not compromised from the start.

Fertility – in both ewes and rams – is affected by many factors, including health, nutrition, body condition, genetics, age, season, stress and the environment.

The benefits of data collection and analysis in suckler herds

  Cows and Sheep 20 Aug 029

The recording and analysis of data on beef suckler herd performance may take some time, but it does enable the root causes of any production issues to be more easily identified and investigated. It can prove a very worthwhile investment of time and effort.     

Tick-borne diseases of cattle

Cattle at grass

Red Water Fever (Bovine Babesiosis) and Tick-borne Fever are two diseases which cattle can develop after being bitten by ticks.

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