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Post-Mortems: a useful – sometimes vital - diagnostic tool

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A post-mortem can be a useful – sometimes vital - tool to diagnose the cause of a health problem on the farm. It will cost money to carry out, but will save money in the long term if it can identify the specific disease issue, thereby enabling a more targeted approach to treatment and prevention.  For best results, the fresher the carcase the better, and/or consider sacrificing one of the sick animals.


Purchasing a bull can be an expensive process, but the value that he brings to your herd can be worth far more than his initial cost.  It is important to consider what you want from your bull before choosing him, and once you have chosen, to ensure that he is healthy and fit for purpose.


Understanding the bovine oestrus cycle and the hormones involved, allow us to diagnose reproductive problems and treat them effectively, ultimately improving reproductive efficiency and conception rates.


Summer mastitis, often known as “August Bag” is a common problem in the UK in grazing animals. As the name suggests, it is usually in the summer months from June to September. As the numbers of flies increases, the risk also increases as the disease is spread between animals by biting flies. Unsurprisingly cases will often be found in fields with ponds or trees, which provide a good environment for the flies. It is an acute disease of the non-lactating udder and is common in both dairy and beef herds. Dry cows and heifers are particularly susceptible, but calves can also be affected. The primary causative agent is Trueperella pyogenes, but mixed infections can also occur.

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